Hospitality during the festive seasons
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3 Tips on Hospitality during the Festive Season!

At some point in our life,  we are called to offer hospitality.
Hospitality can be practice in different ways. We practice it by sharing what we have. By using our resources, by providing and being a host. We can still practice generosity even though we think we have nothing.

Hospitality is the ability to love .  It is less about what we do and more about who we are.

What is Hospitality?

1- It is spotting the needs of others before they are mentioned. Kindness goes beyond politeness.  It allows oneself to be interrupted sometime, to be even inconvenienced by it. It opens our eyes.  Also it creates opportunity for us to serve.

2-Hospitality is silencing our voice to listen and to hear a hurting person. When is the last time we really took time to listen to someone’s issues? We need to use what we have offer warmth and friendship.

3- It is  a heartfelt mission. It is important to do it and to appreciate doing it.  Therefore be the person that does not resenting hospitality.
Hospitality is after all an extension of overflow of God’s love to us. When we are showing sociability, we don’t know who we are being sociable to. This kind  act  often puts our heart on display.  It is very scary.

Tips on Hospitality during the festive

Welcoming people to our home can be  very stressful.  It can somehow be awkward to say the least. But it is encouraging and very rewarding.
We should not let negative thoughts stop us from extending amiability and kindness.
During the festive seasons, let’s do our best to practice companionship. It’s absolutely worth it.  Growing up in Guadeloupe in the  Caribbean, the concept of hospitality was very traditional. During the festive seasons our home was an open home and was always full.

True hospitality at Christmas

“True hospitality is the heart and patience which turn strangers into guests guests into friends and friends into potential member of family of God”

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