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The island is creole, part-French and part-Caribbean, and is a very interesting mixture. I love travelling to Guadeloupe. After an uneventful  flight  the heat is just the first thing you feel once you step out of the airport.  

Guadeloupe is made of 2 islands. Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre. Two completely different landscapes forming the shape of a butterfly separated by narrow strait crossed by roads.

5-Places I visited on my last trip

1-La Douche

La douche is a hidden cove. It is what we call shower jet, waves crashing on a beautiful stretch of sand and pebbles located near St. Francois. It is a wild place, with rugged landscape. At the moment is calm and little known. It is on the way to La Pointe-des Chateaux away from tourist areas but close to the  main road. To go to La Douche  it is not very complicated. From  St François, just follow the road that goes towards La Pointe des Châteaux.

2-La Pointe-des-Chateaux

Pointe-des-ChateauxThis is a must see in Guadeloupe. Pointe-Des-Chateaux is an impressive sight, the mighty power of the sea crashing is something you will not forget. Take your time to walk to the top, it’s worth it. The view is amazing.  You have a far view of the island of Desirade from Pointe-des-Chateaux.

3-La Soufriere Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe- La Soufriere

Climbing La Soufriere is an amazing hike best done early morning. La Soufriere last erupted in 1976 but in 2004 there was an earthquake. The peak of the volcano is at 1467 meters. The first part of the climb is easy. However the second and last part are steep and can be very slippery. The trails are not well-maintained, consequently they  can be rocky and muddy. So a good pair of walking shoes highly recommended. Also bring water and a light rain jacket.

4-Bois-Jolan Beach

Bois-Jolan beachBois-Jolan is above all one of my favourite beaches. It is in Saint Ann only a few minutes’ drive from the city centre. It is less crowded than Saint Ann Beach. Bois-Jolan is a  large turquoise lagoon. You can walk almost everywhere along the beach,  nevertheless there are loads of little secluded coves to choose from therefore giving enough privacy.

5-Marché  de la Darse in Pointe-à-Pitre.

Marche de GuadeloupeIn Guadeloupe every district or commune has a market place. Some even has an evening market once a week. Le Marché de la Darse is situated in the Centre of Pointe-à-Pitre. Therefore easy to  access, it  is an open colourful  market. Because of the new development  and proximity to Memorial Acte, it is becoming a place to visit. The market is open on Friday and Saturday.

Finally How to Get to Guadeloupe from London?

Guadeloupe island what are the best beaches

London-Paris-Guadeloupe with Airfrance.
From Paris with Air Caraibes,  Corsaire,  Level
Norwegian Air, unfortunately is stopping their flight from the USA to Guadeloupe- this was my preferred way to travel to Guadeloupe after a few days in Florida.

Guadeloupe hike to Pointe-des-Chateaux. A day out to the sea and St Francois

Tower in Port LouisGuadeloupe Holiday

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