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London in November

Christmas at Kew Garden

There is so much to do in London in November. I love this time of the year. Don’t you. The days are short, nights are long. The air is cold and crispy. The trees are shedding their leaves and really all we want to do is to snuggle with a good book and a cuppa of tea.
Anyway, come on, put on you woolly hat,  gloves,  wrap up warm and let’s get out.

London in November : Oxford Street and surroundings

It’s only November and yet the whole of Oxford Street, Regent Street, Bond Street, St Christophers’ place are already in the festive mood. Bond Street is really my favourite place-

  •  London in November would not be without  Winter Wonderland- In the middle of London- Hyde Park is home of a large annual Christmas event. Entrance is free however there is the usual fare for all the incredible rides. It is full of  dazzling lights, there is something of everyone. It is also a fun place to meet up. It’s open from 10Am making it a place of family to come to. However at night the transformation is in full evidence: thousands of sparking lights, spectacular rides, and of course food and beers and mulled wine.

The Winter Wonderland is open until 5th of January 2020

London-in-November- Syon Park

London in November : West London

  • Kew Garden is an other of my absolute favourite. The winter trail is utterly magnificent. The setting in its self is just beautiful- The trees that you see during the day are unusually floodlight underneath showing a different aspect. The reason this is so simply fantastic is that the experience of this out wade everything else.
  • Chiswick House Garden-  the winter trail in Chiswick House is something else. It is from January to March 2020. I am looking forward  to seeing it in the New Year.

Kew Garden-Light- Every year the spectacular lights in Kew Garden attract many-

Bond Street- London in November

London in November for my family this year we will visit the Enchanted Woodland held in the grounds of Syon House in West London. Syon House is the home of the Duke of Northumberland and his family. The House and the gardens are open for visit during summer. This is the first time we ventured to Syon Park and we were not disappointed. It was a 1 1/2  mile walk through the wood.  A bit muddy but it didn’t rain!!!
The Enchanted Woodland in only open until Sunday 01St December

Syon Park in West- London in

Enjoy the “Spirit of Christmas” – There are many places to visit.  There is something for everyone.

I also love walking down Kings Road- The streets and alleys are all lit up.

Syon Park London in November

Enchanted Light Syon Park-London in

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