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My free and cheerful walk around stunning Hamburg.

After a hefty breakfast we decided to separate for the morning-  So Husband wanted to see more of the art and as for me,  I wanted to have a walking day in Hamburg- and to  wonder around that beautiful city. Our hotel was just a couple of streets away from the main station-
First I walked past the station then alongside the Kunsthall and ended up walked towards the Alster Lake- headed to one of my favourite place : Hamburg’s City Hall.

7 things to see while walking in Hamburg

Hamburg Town Hall

1-Hamburg’s City Hall.

The massive building is 133 meters wide and 112 meters high- It is absolutely impressive. It is free to enter and view the exhibition inside. However  if you want to take a tour there is a small fee. I continued my walk underneath the arcade. Beyond the horizon I could see many church spikes. I keep my eyes fixes on one of them and arrived to discover : St Michaelis Church or St Michael Church

2-St Michael Church.

St Micheal Church  is a beautiful Baroque church full of character and history. Lighting strike hit the Church, it was also razed by fire and was rebuild in 1912. Luckily it escaped damage during the World War II- For a small fee you can climb the 420 steps (or take the lift) to the viewing platform.  After that  I walked through a small park at the foot of the church that lead me to the Harbour.

HafenCity Harbor- The promenade along the Harbor is peaceful and very interesting.You have a great of the city.

3- The Harbour-
Loads of boats, big, small, the harbour is the place to be to see a colourful part of Hamburg. From there you can buy tickets for harbour cruises/ city tours- As I continued my walk longing the Harbour I could see from a far people standing by a yello-ish building. I inquisitively approached it. To my delight I was standing in-front of the ElbTunnel.

ElbeTunnel-Walking day in

4- The ElbTunnel.

The Old Elbe Tunnel was built to connect St Pauli, the Free Port and the shipyard. Both riversides. It measures  426.5 meters  and is 23.5 meters below sea level. I walked under the river Elbe from one side to the other and back!!! It is for pedestrians and cyclists alike. There are lifts to go up and down. The  Elbe Tunnel is a back drop for various films and music videos. Without delay I resumed my walk and found myself walking along ST Pauli-Hafenstr and saw the Fishmarkt nearby.

The fishmarkt-I missed the fun!! the market is best to see on Sunday.

5- The Fishmarkt.
The fishmarkt is a huge reddish warehouse unfortunately it was closed when I went. So I looked around. Took some photos and carried on to Peper-Mohlenbek then onto Reeperbahn.


I was just about to walk back got my map out and checked my whereabouts. Reeperbahn is the red-light district in Hamburg. I knew that I just wanted to find the Beatles statues. So  I passed what I believed to be the station I carried on the same stretch of road. I was just about to give up when all of sudden between two passing cars I spotted the statues.

Graffiti- fun on my walking day in
I investigated the narrow streets all things considered it must be so different at nigh time with all the neon lights. Anyway I got a bit lost but at the end I found myself in a street  with loads of facades covered with graffiti.
Nevertheless I found my way back onto the main street Reeperbahn-  passed St Pauli Station. Beautiful cover over the station.

St Pauli Station- Hamburg- The front of the station is

7-St Pauli Station.
I love St Pauli Station (great photo opportunities). Across the station there is a park with a dominant statue towering on high above the thick foliage : Bismarck Park. In front of me was the Bismarck Monument. It is  a memorial  sculpture dedicated to Otto Von Bismarck. It’s well worth the stop however you can’t get too close as it boarded off.

Bismark Park- I was very glad to stubble upon the park- It was a welcome stop for me on my walking day in Hamburg.

Look for the Lemon Lady-  It is at statue not to far from St Michael  Church. There is a saying that : if you rub her finger it will bring you luck. During my walking day in Hamburg I certainly had some.

Good luck from the lemon Lady on my walking day in Hamburg

Anyway from there I made my way back to the hotel as Husband was waiting- Got a well-deserved afternoon snack- 
I have a wonderful walking day in Hamburg.

But the day was not over- Have to get ready for the evening.

Want to see our arty day in Hamburg-

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