Swimming with Fishes by Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm

Author: Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm

Swimming with fishesSwimming with fishes is an amazing love story.  It takes us to in the foreground of Jamaica where the characters come alive. It seems that  each one provides a different aspect of love, respect, strength and determination. Rasheda  beautifully described  life as it is  on the off beaten tracks of Jamaica. However I believe this as can be seen throughout the Caribbean.
I recognised many of the characters.  It seems like everywhere you go,  there is a Mother Cynthy with all the wisdom in the world, a Nellie Potato who minds everyone’ business except her own, an old rum-head man who everyone thinks drinks more rum than water and not to mention friends that are honest, supportive and non-judgemental. But most of all a mother with her faith and belief being the basis of everything.

The dream: Swimming with fishes.

Kat is a remarkable young woman. She lives with sickle cell illness, in spite of that and against all,  she wants to experience motherhood. While Ben, an English man has everything. Would they risk everything for love? This entangled love story gives us a small understanding of sickle cell illness and also of cross-generational friendship and long distance relationship.

‘A choppy sea means there’s rough times ahead and a warning that great courage will be needed’ the story is full of old sayings.   I  admire the way the author weaves them  throughout to keep them alive, especially relevant  to capture the mood of each character.   Nevertheless, in  the background the vastness of the sea and the unpredictability of love-  all things considered would their love survive?

Swimming with fishes is foremost a remarkable story, well written. It takes you on a journey to The Meadows in Jamaica. It is soul searching yet provoking. Swimming with fishes is full of proverbial nuggets that are true of today.

As a result I laughed, I cried as I reflected on my own love story. L’ amour, love is complicated. All in all a great book for summer by the beach or a winter.

Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm’s novel: Swimming with fishes is available on Amazon.

Happy reading.


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