Looking to celebrate? Cocktail and dessert at the Savoy.

First of all, The Savoy that was the Palace of Savoy, where the King of France was imprisoned by The Black Prince.  Especially relevant  for me as that is where I sipped the cocktail  “A la Française”.

Consequently, it is a place that reflects the  memories of Royalty, Movie stars and  this can be seen with all the pictures mounted on the walls.

A wonderful lady greeted us and showed us to our table and made us to feel more than welcome.
This wonderful experience took place in the Thames Foyer, a stunning glass dome with wonderful natural light. A massive iron winter garden gazebo is  the centerpiece, I would have love to settle there for a while.

The Temptation Wheel at the Savoy

The mantle piece on the table was The Temptation Wheel, a mahogany wheel which gave us an eye full of  many combinations  of gourmet chocolates, indulgent desserts, and hand-crafted cocktails.
It had a spin off French liqueurs that attracted my attention. Uniquely  blended cocktail with petit rose buds floating in the nectar  it  looked absolutely divine. My cocktail “A la Française” was from the Medium section. This could have come from Poitier, subject to the battle.
 To supplement this I had a dessert. Difficult to choose but the Tarte Tatin taken from the indulgent section was succulent.

Dessert at the Savoy

The dessert was a splendid indulgence that I enjoyed while at the Savoy,  surrounded by portraits of the famous. Although there was no traditional piano playing, we could somehow hear the lost notes  and gentle chatter of world-renowned bands. The Waiter was very polite and picked up that I spoke French. The service  was attentive with some French sentences.
Thames Foyer, the heart of the Savoy Hotel was, therefore the perfect place to enjoy a  truly unique evening. I have dessert and cocktail where once upon the time diners rose to dance to music been played while they ate.

Maybe next time I will stay for a dinner-dance.


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