Planes and Cruise Liners

Planes and cruise LinersAs a child growing up in the Caribbean, I was always fascinated by planes and cruise liners. On Wednesday afternoons I used to go to the port of Pointe-à-Pitre. My uncle was a custom officer nearby.  Whenever possible, I would sit in his office and watch the passengers toing and froing.

Sometimes I pretended to carry the bags for a group of Gwo-Ka dancers.  As a result I was able to board the ships.

 Planes and Cruise Liners: The stars

Planes and cruise LinersFor the rich and famous there was Concord and Cunard, and for me at this time I was mesmerised. Planes and Cruise Liners, sky and ocean.

I imagined all the stars of television. Here and there, they all were, dancing, singing, eating and walking along the promenades. Amid all this, I dreamt of my future cruise on Cunard. I promised myself that I would fly Concord to my Cunard cruise.

Surprisingly! After years in the travel industry I have now travelled the world, visiting many Cruise Liners, unfortunately Concord is no more.

Now the Queen Mary 2 (QM2): Dream came true.

Planes and Cruise-LinersSurprise! Today the dream of QM2 came true. Even though in a short cruise to Hamburg. Nevertheless the experience was just as I had imagined it to be.  The smoothest check in at Southampton and we were off.

Just as I imagined the ship was decorated with pictures of all the mega-stars that had cruised on board QM2-

Time at sea with all food and entertainment needed to relax and rejuvenate was therefore an amazing moment.

Planes and Cruise Liner : the Art

Planes and Cruise-LinersMy main highlight was the lecture surprisingly on L.S Lowry. I discovered an artist whose drawings looked like matchsticks men but there is more to him than matchsticks men.
On the contrary there was a sense of achievement against all odds.
QM2 contains an extensive art collection portraying mature and upcoming artists.



Southampton cruising on QE2My journey from Southampton to Hamburg was luxury. It definitely provided moments to create a moment.

The cruise on board QM2 was my dream encapsulating my hope for a future sailing again on board.









  1. Very vivid, inviting and entertaining . From dream to reAlity.

    1. Elderschat says:

      Thank you very much- All is possiblexxxx

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