Visiting Buckingham Palace is on all must do thing in London. best London attraction
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EXPLORE LONDON IN 7 DAYS: How to plan a week-long vacation in London

You are lucky for getting a full week to spend in London. The great City of London has so many tourist attractions that you need to plan properly all the vacation days.  Unless you make a proper London 7 days itinerary there are high chances to miss some of the important city attractions. Undoubtedly, London …

Exploring London in 2 days -view from the Shard-visiting London what to see and what to do
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How to explore stunning London in 2 Days.

How to explore London in 2 Days? London remains one of the world’s most popular tourists destination welcoming over 30 million annual visitors. The City of London houses some of the best cultural attraction in the world, and the list is large. It might remain a challenging task exploring all of London’s premier attractions during …

How we climbed Le Morne Bradant in Mauritius. Great view, amazing fun.
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Our beautiful and courageous hike to: Le Morne Bradant

 Le Morne Bradant Coming from a small Island I always been fascinated by small island so having a holiday in Mauritius was inevitable.Mauritius it’s a beautiful amazing Islands in the Indian Ocean. When you think about Mauritius you see white sandy beaches, crystal blue water, diving.  Mauritius is also a honeymoon destination.However you hear little …