How to overcome the fear of flying. I want to go on holiday but I have a fear of flying

Overcoming my Fear of Flying!

Overcoming my fear of flying was a challenge. My fear of flying  started on a trip back from Ghana in Africa.  I had a window seat. As we climbed up, I looked out  at the disappearing ground. Then I noticed that my foundation was getting further and further away from me.
There were no clouds in the sky.  I continued watching our ascent then curiosity turned to horror. I realised that in case of an emergency the chances of ‘walking away’ was disappearing with the ground, coupled with a feeling of claustrophobia from being strapped into my seat. Worse of all  the realisation of having no control over the engines  or indeed – the pilots. This was enough to trigger a fear of flying!Fear of flying was stopping me from joining my friends and family- I wanted to overcome so I could join in


My FEAR OF FLYING……The realisation

However, I really needed to overcome this fear since my roots and my extended family were 6000 miles away from Britain. Moreover there was really no way of travelling to Africa overland unless  you had several weeks or months off work to do so. Besides, I wanted to go on holidays further afield especially with my friends who loved flying. To go by train to the US, Australia or New Zealand  would be hard pressed!

For years I tried to overcome my fear. Then I decided it was time to get some help

my  motivation to overcome my fear

So, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and get help.  When I had to attend my fathers’  memorial service in Ghana I had to go.


First was finding a good hypnotherapist- a professional with good recommendation and reasonable prices! Luckily for me, a colleague and friend had a husband who fitted the bill and after a few sessions with him which included a lot of good practical information about planes and relaxation techniques which with practice helped a lot.

my FEAR OF FLYING……The reassurance

I was also very encouraged by a chat with a pilot (a friend of mine has a son who is a pilot) who reassured me and directed me to try flight simulators if possible.
Another good tip came from a Dr friend who suggested taking a sleeping tablet so I could at least sleep through the flight!

Fear of flying is in the mind I was told. I learn ways of coping before, during and after the flight

For the time before the flight and the wait at the airport which would normally be nerve racking, I practiced the relaxation techniques. I also took some homeopathic remedy (from the chemist) for calming nerves , this was the calmest yet before a flight for me and once on the plane and after take off.  I practiced the relaxation techniques during the flight whenever needed.

It terrible when you are afraid of flying, it stops one from joining the fun-This is what I did to overcome my fear of flying.


– Hypnotherapy (from a trained and trusted source) and practice visualisation and relaxation.
– Flight simulator( and a chat with a pilot if possible!)
– Read up on safety of planes and flights.
– Consult GP or Pharmacist for medication if needed (for relaxation or sleep)
– Don’t read, watch or listen to scary, tragic flight stories. Yours will not be the same.
– Prepare and visualise a safe trip.
–Look forward to the reason why you are flying and get excited about that.


Love to fly with fear

On my last flight I felt a small sense of victory. This lasted throughout the journey and also on the return flight. I can’t say I’ve completely overcome yet.  Now I am getting excited about my next flight  to Florida.

It terrible when you are afraid of flying, it stops one from joining the fun at airport and the on-flight experience

…..and, happy flying!

Fear of Flying can stop us from joining in the fun- how to reduce the fear with meditation, relaxation and much more

Disclaimer :  The article was written by a friend of mine who has a fear of flying. The experience/words expressed are her own. The tips given here are what she used to overcome her fear of flying.  The information in this article is no advice and should not to be used as an alternative to medical advice.

The airlines below are offering courses
Best time to travel.
To travel is to live.

EasyJet is offering a course called: Fearlessflyer
Virgin Atlantic  :  you can register and they will let you know :  Flying Without Fear Courses-
British Airway : Flying with confidence courses


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  1. Anastasia Morrell says:

    Loved reading this article! Very helpful and succinct tips. Will certainly give it a try for the next time I have to fly 😁

    1. Elderschat says:

      Ana, thank you very much- Would love to know the outcome. Keep us posted..x

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