Music at St Thomas Hospital

The square in front of St Thomas Hospital has become one of the many places I go of great pictures. It is a good spot for House of Parliament and when the fountain is off, I can capture the reflection of the building around it.  As I focused on my task, I noticed a young man watching me. I carried on taking my pictures keeping an eye on him.   

Music at St Thomas Hospital

Then, he approached me. I took my eyes away from my camera just to hearing him ask:  would you like to listen to some music at St Thomas Hospital?
Well, it is not every day that one received such request.
I hesitated and accepted the offer. As we walked along the river we made our way to St Thomas Hospital. I asked him:
-Why did you ask me?
-Well, you look like a very nice person and I haven’t spoken to anyone today.
-How come I asked?
– All my friends are away and I come to the Hospital to practice my music- I play for whoever is there.

Central Hall at St Thomas Hospital

As we entered via the side door, he lead me to the Central Hall a popular public space-and next to bronze life-size statue of Florence Nightingale stood a grand piano.
I took a few minutes to appreciate the beauty of the hall, and then he started to play. First, one of his composition, then Titanic- Somehow his fingers were running like wildfire on the keys. His head down with his hat covering his eyes, all looked so easy.




Music at St Thomas HospitalWhen he finished, I asked him.
-Where did you learn to play?
My friends taught me how to play- when I first walked here at St Thomas Hospital, I met a few music lovers and soon they taught me how to play. I have no music background, I just love music. Now, I also compose my music, I play and record straight onto my phone- I come here and practice and play for anyone and everyone.
Andrew  is young man trying to develop his talent-

Thank you to St Thomas Hospital- The Hospital has beautiful rooms for hire.


St Thomas Hospital- Mary Seacole

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