Marrakech a crazily beautiful city

One needs to have an open-mind when visiting Marrakech or  (Marrakesh) and see how people of other culture respond to their daily life.  First of all, visit the famous Jemaa El-Fnaa,  the busiest square.  It is very interesting to people watch while sipping tea at one of the many restaurants.

Market Square Jemaa el Fna Marrakech

Take  time to navigate the narrow   alley of the  Souk . The Souk is a vibrant place where whirlwind of colours and noise will awaken your every sense. Navigate through the maze of small alleys littered with stores of coloured spices, woven rugs and exotic goods and workshops.

Splash out in Marrakech:

Do something extraordinary because the place you are visiting has some amazing settings and great things for you to do therefore make the most of your time.

Eat local

There are many beautiful and single places to try the local dish- The street food can be the best way to sample some interesting food.

Marrakech is a beautiful place- a fast space city to visit for a long week-end

Always travel with a smile, be polite. Travel opens your horizon so  engage with the locals. Everyone loves  insiders. They will be your best guide and advisers as they have lots of suggestions on thing to do, places to visit and where to eat. They will be happy to talk about the place where they live in. However they will charge you for the privilege.

See MARRAKEcH for yourself

A moment that would probably take your breath away.  At crack of dawn the sun rose in the Sahara desert. There was as far as we could see what seemed like a burst of burning orange that covered the sky. The silence was overwhelming and the scenic beauty was splendid. Well this is one of the memories of my night in the desert.  I can only share my experience, go, see for yourself, and create your own memories. Therefore take the time to discover, take the time to be yourself.

Marrakesh has something for everyone. However do not ask for direction as you will be taken to places you do not really want to visit and you will have to pay or buy something.
Although it was on our list of thing to do, we were taken to a tannery.  Nevertheless we were not prepared for the overwhelming smell that took our breath away.  Make sure you take a brunch of mint with you.

Marrakech is fast, so for some quiet time go to  one of the many gardens and palaces. They provide a freshening time away from the buzz.

Marrakech-Jardin Majorelle

A day in Marrakech- The city is brilliant.

Finally, for some relaxing time, head to one of the many hammams for a delightful pampering experience.

A night i the desert near
Ouzoud Waterfalls-our day trip- Marrakech

What to see in Marrakech- A few days in the hot city of

What to do in Marrakech- A few hours away- and it's the desert!!

Visit to Marrakech
Visit to Marrakech

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