Make it shine! Collection of poems written by Ingrid Dover-Vidal that celebrates Black heroes from our past and present-

Make it Shine! by Ingrid Dover-Vidal

Make It Shine!Make it Shine! Ingrid Dover-Vidal was born in Georgetown Guyana. She came to England at a very young age. She grew up in Ladbroke Grove West London.

Ingrid studied English, Drama and Religious Studies. Consequently went to becoming a teacher with a career spanning over 34 years.

Making Shine! The Book

Make it shine! is her first publication. It is anthology of Cultural and Inspirational Performance Poetry full of  Caribbean dialect and amusing thoughts. Ingrid uses her rich cultural to inspire her readers; old and young to go the extra miles subsequently achieve dreams and aspirations.

In brief,  with this compilation of poems, Ingrid takes her readers through the rhythms of speech and humour.  As each poem takes you to a place of self-reflection you will identify with the characters or the situation.  You will travel to the four corners of the earth; visiting all the great cities, what is more you will embark on a spiritual journey allowing you to embrace the truth about our past.

Make It Shine! The Themes

Ingrid focuses on a variety of themes;  some are personal to her while others are daily encounters as a teacher.  Make It Shine!  is a rhythmic treat with spiritual, cultural identity, adoption, bullying as well as love and much more.
There are also distinctive poems that honour our past, specifically black heroines and heroes. They are well acknowledged. More importantly her poems call us to know and understand our past consequently embrace our heritage.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote ‘if a man write a booklet him set down only what he knows.’, with this in mind I believe that is exactly what Ingrid has done, using her experience and her colourful heritage to inspire us all.

Make It Shine! The Invitation

All is all Make it Shine! is in particular a book full of narrative poetry. It is somehow an invitation for those who are willing to ‘shine’.

Make It Shine is published by Conscious Dreams PublishingAll books are available on Amazon

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