Letter to my children

Letter to my childrenA letter to my children to say first of all  that I love you.

I saw you grow to become tremendous young adults. We have taught you to be kind, considerate of others and mindful of life. We also taught you to  respect, to understand and to be attentive to nature.
As youngsters you have travelled the world and consequently discovered its beauty through the kindness of the people you met along your journey.

You have gained different skills in life and applied them to most of your daily activities. You have explored the works of your ancestral cultures and many others;  learned to balance your life by applying what you learnt through traditional methods of revitalisation of the mind.

Letter to my childrenA LETTER TO MY CHILDREN TO SAY secondly Life is a challenge

Nevertheless, for the past few months, life has thrown at you many challenges. However when I said: God never give you more than you can bear, you smiled. Recently your buried your dearest friend and this was probably the saddest day of your life.

Every day thousands are born, some will live a few hours, a few weeks, some will live years and some will be taken away in the prime of their youth. On this other hand, some are destined to live unto old age. Why? What is the purpose of life I heard you asked me many times? What make our life meaningful and not others? Why this happens when we are so young? And why us? What do we need to learn here?

The bible said: “The purpose of life is to seek happiness” and you ask: How and what is happiness anyway?

We, as parents, do not have the answers to all your questions. Nevertheless, we know that we  have to search, to learn and  to be still.  As  a result we will train our mind to be content with what we have- we have to be grateful and be appreciative.  All in all you have to seek a righteous life.

A letter to my children to say life is a journeyA LETTER TO MY CHILDREN TO SAY thirdly Life is a journey

My dear children we know that  Life is a journey, on which we meet people, some become our companion for a while, and some are just a passing glance, whereas others have lasting impression on us.
A letter to my children to say that, admittedly, life is good. Life is beautiful. if you look at the immensity of the sea, there are no boundaries. Look at the splendour of the sky at night, and you will be transported into a mystical world.

Letter to my children life is beautifulA LETTER TO MY CHILDREN TO SAY  finally life is beautiful

Therefore, this is a time to be still and to let God comfort you. This is a time, a moment dedicated to someone very special. Life is beautiful consequently your happiness depends on you and you alone.



     Life is beautiful.

Life is beautiful-sun-set

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