How we climbed Le Morne Bradant in Mauritius. Great view, amazing fun.
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Our beautiful and courageous hike to: Le Morne Bradant

 Le Morne Bradant

Coming from a small Island I always been fascinated by small island so having a holiday in Mauritius was inevitable.
Mauritius it’s a beautiful amazing Islands in the Indian Ocean. When you think about Mauritius you see white sandy beaches, crystal blue water, diving.  Mauritius is also a honeymoon destination.
However you hear little about Mauritius nature attractions and mountains. Rugged mountains, nature trails and parks surround the island.
One of the most fascinating and emblematic mountain is Le Morne Brabant. Hiking Le Morne Bradant was our challenge.

A bit of History

There are two UNESCO Heritage Sites in Mauritius. Le Morne Brabant is one of them.
This rugged mountain  was used as a shelter by runaway slaves, through the 18th and early 19th centuries- History says that the mountain is a symbol of the slaves fight for freedom for their suffering and sacrifice. The escaped slaves formed small settlements in caves on the summit.

How to get to the base of Le Morne Bradant

The mountain is situated at the southwest of Mauritius. Local transport in Mauritius is ok for a short distance we found for longer distance it’s better to use a taxi. From our hotel in Pointe-aux- Piments we booked to pick us up and to bring us back.
From there, the journey to the base of Le Morne Bradant was about one hour and a half.

Hiking Le Morne Bradant

Since opening its footpath to the public in 2016, the summit became accessible and the trail has become one of the best in Mauritius. Nevertheless when we decided to hike, frankly we underestimated the climb. But what an amazing adventure!
I consider myself fit, still,  hiking Le Morne  Bradant was a challenge. It was not an easy hike. I have climbed a few volcanoes before but nothing compared to Le Morne Brabant.

Hiking Le Morne Bradant- How to hike Le Morne Bradant Mountain.

This hike was completely different.

Why? Let’s look at a few facts. This hike was different because of the steepness of the climb.

  • 7KM (4.34 miles) hike round trip that is: half of on an even surface and half on a very steep one- (I climbed on all fours).
  • Highest reachable point is give and take 500 meters-
  • Duration of the hike is average 3-4 hours- We did it in 5 hours.

Our driver was very nice but concerned by the fact that we didn’t take a guide. But we were confident.
We started our climb at about 10AM and we could see some hikers already coming back. The weather was beautiful.  We started our first half on a very even surface going through some amazing nature trails, stopping to absorb the stunning view.
When we got half way, there is a stopping point giving time to recuperate. Then on we really started hiking.

Hiking Le Morne Bradant

Going through the green gate

Half way point hiking to Le Morne Bradant.
Going through the green gate, was the point where it is not advisable to go without a guide. This was point where the climb got very steep. It also started to drizzle. We could see the clouds just coming towards us ready to engulf the top of the Mountain.
It got harder with the rain and some hikers decided to turn back. I started to question my sanity. Why am I doing this?
I needed to carry on to the top.  When the weather eased up a bit the view was just mind-blowing.  Looking up I could see the faces of the mountain those inaccessible cliffs. Then I remembered how brave the slaves were, how incredible and precarious living in such horrendous conditions would have been for them.

Getting to the top 

As I struggled to get to the top I kept thinking about  my freedom and how grateful I was for it.  I found the courage and the strength to keep going. I was determined to reach the top. After a 2 1/2 hours we victoriously reached the top- When I saw the Cross I knew I have made it.  Hiking Le Morne Bradant was just magical.

Hiking Le Morne Bradant- Amazing view- Ile Maurice

Be prepared :
  • Good walking shoes
  • Plenty of snacks
  • Plenty of water/sugary drink
  • Always hike with someone.
  • Take your time
  • Enjoy

Hiking Le Morne Bradant was a family affair. Above all it was fun.

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