I love flying and I loved the destination! Getting on a plane, the destination never fails me-elderschat.com
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I love flying and I love the destination even more!

It wasn’t easy getting on that flight.

I loved flying and I loved the destination! But having to spend 4 weeks with a man I no longer wanted to pursue my happy life dream with, was seriously dampening the situation. Torn apart by the decisions and all the possible implications.
So in doubt I looked at how my decisions would affect others.  And so for the sake of my children I began to pack and headed to the airport with them and their dad. Still not totally convinced I’d be able to board the plane.
This was a junction in our lives. I had changed and my children’s lives were about to change forever.

I loved flying and I loved the destination! Let’s pack!

I loved flying and I loved the destination!

Still the usual excitement of managing to pack and be on time, getting on a plane and jetting of somewhere was heavy with worry.
I was no longer the same person. I’d been reading and researching, writing my life out. And I wanted and knew there was more to life.
I could feel the more there was, like I’d been given a glimpse into the greater possibility.

My reading!

One book that I’d feel a pull to read was Celestine Prophecy, which was the perfect easy read, but with a significant message. I’d loved the parts about synchronicity. I  loved that I could relate to this in my own life. The moments I’d thought about someone and they’d rung or I’d meet them in the street and declaring with glee “I was just thinking about you’.
We checked in and I’d decided by then, I’d come to this far I really couldn’t run of and leave, what would be, my two children, I’d have to see it through. The atmosphere was thick and uncomfortable deciding who was sitting where.  Their dad took charge and I sat on a seat in the row in front of them, in my own, breaking some of the tension.

 On the flight!

I loved flying and I loved the destination! Getting on a plane and arriving is just beautiful-elderschat.comHowever the man opposite me began making small conversation, to the visible annoyance of my ex. I tried to play it cool.  But then the conversation intensified and suddenly we were on the same page talking about the Celestine Prophecy that he’d also read fairly recently. From this moment I was now excited. At once  I felt this flight was the flight of my life. I’d literally turned a page.  I was living a new story. A story full of synchronicity and possibility.  I mean Grenada, our destination could have been part of this book with its rich and vibrant fauna. It has always held magic and worry soon evaporated. I was now an explorer, an adventurer into a new world.

I loved flying and I loved the destination! Getting on a plane and arriving at the destination-elderschat.comI loved the flight and I loved the destination: Revisit

How I love the destination. Arriving somewhere that you long to return-elderschat.com

Now I revisit this flight, recalling the thrill and bringing it to life. So I can fell the sensation of being in sync,   living the dream.
Then again I loved the flight and I loved the destination.

I loved flying and I loved the destination! Getting on a plane and arriving is just beautiful-To see the familiar things that dominate my childhood-elderschat.com


Share your experience with us? What are you reading when travelling?
How I love the destination-it's always fun to get to place.elderschat.comHow I love getting to the airport and wait for the flight. Elderschat.comI love looking at the stars when I travel-elderschat.com

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