St Pauli Station- Hamburg- The front of the station is
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How to see an enchanting Hamburg in the evening.

Last but not least Hamburg in the evening, one place both Husband and I appreciate is the Speicherstadt.

So far we walked around The Speicherstadt  during the day (most of my photos were taken during the day). However  it’s in the evening  that the place really reveals its beauty. Hamburg in the evening is a stand alone destination. The River Elbe is a nightlife location in itself.

Hamburg in the evening Warehouse-Hamburg are a destination in

The Speicherstadt is a succession of brick warehouses on either side of the  canals. It’s the largest warehouse complex in the world. They were built in 1885. Nowadays some are museums and it is very easy to get to and are a popular sight for tourists.  We took our time to walk around and see all the intricate details on those impressive red brick buildings. They are absolute beautiful.

Hamburg in the evening : UNESCO World Heritage Site.

They cover a very wide area between central Hamburg and the river Elbe. They are very distinctive and have bridges running between them over the canal. In Hamburg The tradition of warehouses goes back to the 16th century whereby the merchant houses would face onto the canals to provide a warehouse for goods. While the other half of the house would be for the rich living quarters onto the street. It is amazing that this area full of warehouse survives the fire bombing of Hamburg.
The warehouse is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is a must by day and night.​​​​​​​

Hamburg in the evening

A bit of History

 So a long time ago, in the Middle Ages Hamburg was a member of a trading group called the Hanseatic League. It was very powerful. Their head quarter was in London and was called the :Steal Yard.  It was totally independent and even considered part of Germany.


Most of the time we ate at the one of the restaurants by the arcade next to the Town Hall. It a series of beautiful white arches however they  are littered with plenty of expensive shops, restaurants and cafes.
For a quick snack the food court at the Europa Passage shopping mall was just perfect. There, you would find all types of food to suit every taste and much more.

Hamburg in the evening : Accommodation

Our hotel The ARCOTEL Rubin  was only a short walk from Hamburg Central Station. The breakfast was  absolutely delicious. We were very well looked after.

Spending time in Hamburg check our arty day

What to see in Hamburg by night- The city comes alive in the evening- From the Town Hall to the

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