Muzak or Beautiful Music it’s up to You!

This is an interview with  Douglas Harvey who is deeply committed to his music which he is sure will continually inspire him and bring him close to God.





Tell me about yourself?

I grew up in Jamaica, my mother decided that I should stay with her family there when I was very young. I then worked in England and proceeded to the US in the year 2000.

Tell me about your music and influences?

My main influence is church and gospel music. Music is my life and for me it represents love. Through it, I want to communicate the nature of God to a wider audience as possible.
What is the inspiration behind your writing?
I want people to understand the words, as, one day I heard a little girl singing happily although she did not understand what she was singing. I want to give both music and words to people.

Where do you usually write?
Believe it or not,  I write in the bathroom. It is the quietest room in my house.

How long does it take you to write a song?

I write very quickly because my music is based on my studies from the bible. The music is from traditional gospel which combines with my writing.
Do you think biblical songs have any relevance to the world today?
When trouble comes, it is only God that can change things. When I become overwhelmed, it is only music that can pacify me.

Having lived in Jamaica, London, and the US, where did you really start working on your songs?
I was performing in a group in the US, this is where all really began.

Did this also apply to the UK?

Yes, I used the experience for my solo career. I have recently been in a London Studio and I released my premier CD which is available on Amazon

Do you see yourself, as a singer or a songwriter?
I see myself as a singer more than a writer, although I do enjoy writing.
What career advice would you give to somebody over 50?
Always go for it with all your heart and remember it is never too late.


A big thank you to Doug and wishing him best of luck with his endeavour .


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