Explore London in 4 days- What to do and see. Relax in one of the Royal Gardens, visit the Royal Palaces

Explore London in 4 memorable Days: What to see?

Are you looking for a 4 Days London Itinerary? The great City of London has so many tourist attractions that you might be wondering about how to explore London in 4 Days. The city boasts for having some of the best cultural attraction in the world that attracts over 30 million annual visitors. Over here is a London itinerary that lists all major attractions you can see.

Science Museum-elderschat.com

Let us explore London in 4 days and find out what this great city has to offer.

Let’s begin…

Explore London in 4 days: Day 1

Graffiti-London-York Street-explore London in 4

Start early morning as you need to cover a lot on the first day. Significant attractions to explore during the day these places are nearby located, and you can walk around to visit each of them. Ideally, Tower Bridge should be your starting point where you must reach early morning  so you get stunning photographic views.

  • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • London Eye, Big Ben, York Street Graffiti
  • Palace of Westminster,  and Westminster Abbey.

Since you have 4 days, you can relax a bit and spend time exploring all these attractions at your own pace.

Coven Garden is a must place to rest and watch London-elderschat.com

Explore London in 4 days: Day 2

On the second day, you should visit these important iconic attractions of London. Start with Buckingham Palace, watching  the highlight of the day: the ‘Changing the Guard Ceremony’. Then National Gallery later on Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden.
Finally  Royal Physic Garden

Explore London: Day 3

Tate-Modern-Elderschat- explore london in 4days

On the third day keep maximum time as you are going to visit the most iconic museums in London. The main points of attractions to cover during the day are the following:

  • The British Museum is one of the greatest Museums in the world where you find over 100,000 Egyptian antiquities and more than eight million works. Spend time exploring all these attractions at your own pace
  • John Sloan’s Museum
  • Shakespeare’s Globe, and Tate Modern.

Explore London: Day 4

Take a Day out to Hampton Court

This is the last day of your London Tour  why not visit other significant places just outside London like the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew, or perhaps  Hampton Court.  If you feel a little more adventurous visit Mayfield Lavender Farm.

Shownight at the West End on exploring London in 4 days

After all keep the evening  free to visit the West End area to watch a famous London’s theatrical show.  There are many to choose from:

  • The Book of Mormon
  • Mamma Mia
  • The Phantom of the Opera also Waitress and 9 to 5 the Musical

Final Verdict

As you can see there are plenty of attractions in London and probably you need a longer stay to explore all of them.  Therefore stick to this guide and you will  covers most of London’s major attractions.

For a shorter stay in London check our 2 days itinerary.

Explore London in 4 days what to do and seeNational History Museum is a must-elderschat.com

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