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How to explore stunning London in 2 Days.

How to explore London in 2 Days?
London remains one of the world’s most popular tourists destination welcoming over 30 million annual visitors. The City of London houses some of the best cultural attraction in the world, and the list is large. It might remain a challenging task exploring all of London’s premier attractions during a short trip. Over here is a London itinerary to explore London in 2 Days. It covers all the crucial aspects of a 2 day London itinerary like what to see and do.

If time remains your main constraint for exploring this gorgeous city, follow this Explore London  travel itineraries.

Let’s begin…

Explore-London-in 2 days- Leake Street in a tunnel covered with graffiti. It is also a place for rollerskating

 London in 2 Days: Day one

Exploring London in 2 days Kensington Palace

    • Start early from your hotel around 8 AM and head straight towards Hyde Park. Enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the park as it remains the largest among all the nine royal parks in London.
    • Your next destination for the day remains Buckingham Palace where every Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Sunday the Changing the Guard Ceremony takes place. To see this ceremony at this Queen’s official residence, make sure you visit early as the function starts sharp at 11 am and lasts for 45 minutes.
      Exploring London in 2 days: Big-Ben
    • Continue walking for fifteen minutes, and you reach Westminster Abbey. At the same place,
    • you find the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Take unlimited pictures from outside as you have to explore London in just  2 Days.
    • Next plan for the day remains to explore the major Museums like the British Museum, Natural History Museum and The Tate Modern. There are plenty of cafes available inside the Museums where you can grab a quick lunch on the go.
      Exploring London in 2 Days-eldeschat.com
    • During the evening visit the Piccadilly Circus walking down through the Oxford streets. Don’t miss visiting the London Eye for a magnificent view of London City. Get a glimpse of London’s nightlife visiting Soho and roam around the streets and feel the unique vibe.

This ends your Day one itinerary now plan your second Day.

  London : Day two

Exploring London in 2 days: The Shard

      • Start early and visit The Tower of London and Tower Bridge the two most popular iconic landmarks of London.
      • Next, visit to see the tallest building in London the Shard. From the building’s 69th and 72nd floor you get an amazing view of the city.
      • Eat lunch at Borough Market that remains famous in the city for food.Exploring London in 2 days St Paul-Cathedral
      • Move on straight exploring the beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral that requires no introduction.
      • During the evening visit important landmarks like Kensington Palace and Gardens and The Churchill Arms.
        How to make the best of London in 2 days-elderschat.com

Don’t forget tasting the famous fish and chips while you Explore London.

Wrap Up!


What to do during a 2 days visit in London. Where to start-elderschat.comExploring London in 2 days is never enough. There is so much to see- eldeschat.com











There are plenty of attractions in London and probably you need a longer stay exploring all of them. Since you have decided to explore London in 2 days it is therefore good as you get a vibe and feel of this great city and its culture.  If  stay a bit longer check this guide and you will  cover most of London’s major attractions.

What can I see in London in 2 days-eldeschat.com

Best time to visit London

Best time to visit London is: April to May
September to October as the airfare is lower and the weather is still favorable.

What to do in London in 2days-elderschat.com

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