Caught in the rain in London what to do

Don’t forget your brolly!

Yesterday evening all of the sudden I was caught out in a terrific storm in London.  A clap of thunder made me feel like being beside a fire with a good book. What can we do when it’s raining in London?    First thing first : Don’t forget your brolly!

Here are our 5 picks

 Go for a bus Ride- Don’t forget your brolly on the bus!

Buses are all night in London you could hop on one.  As an example the 15 Bus from Charing Cross Station to the Tower of London it is the extreme  scenic route- This is the ultimate city tour. Also you will have a magical view in the rain through the City of London. The voyage of the 15 Bus is along the Banks of the River Thames. Gaze at St Paul’s Cathedral. Like always enter the old city on London, following the possession route of the Kings and Queen to the Tower.
For a best view,  rush quickly but safely  to the upstairs front seats.

Regent street on a rainy day- hop on a bus and enjoy the ride

Book a ticket to the theatre

You always wanted to attend the theatre. Here is the opportunity. Furthermore there is usually an array of great plays in London.  A rainy evening is therefore the ideal time. Don’t forget you brolly as you will need it.
Did you know theatre as we know it began with Charles II where women were allowed to act on stage for the first time.

Go and feel the rain

When is the last time you did something silly? Be in a moment get out and walk in the rain. Fell every drop. It is stimulating but particularly silly!

feel the rain on your head- walking in the rain is a good feel

Eating out

In London there are a wide range of restaurants and pubs. Therefore a good selection to choose from. Why not sit outside on the Boulevard and watch people go by.

Amble through the street -don’t forget your brolly.

Join a walking tour and be exhilarated by the discovery in the atmospheric rain. Firstly of all the sight of rain in London is great, secondly you can take amazing photos.
Did you know : Many years ago there were “Pea suppers”. Fogs you could not see your friend facing.

London in the rain, its rain a lot in London we took the bus and saw London in the rain

When visiting London in the rain we walked and discovered some great streets. Most of them almost empy











Lastly Don’t forget your brolly!
On holiday in London- Read our itinerary here.

Travel and rain!

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