How has Coronavirus changed the way we travel- The travel industry may be the hardest industry hit by the

How Coronavirus is changing the face of great Travel?

Coronavirus has had a great impact on the travel industry and will continue for a long

How Coronavirus is changing travel? I have been thinking about how travel will be in the future. I am also looking at the way we work, the way  we view things around us. What about money? What about our family, relationships and our loved ones that are away from us- When can we see them face to face again?

From now on there will always be a pre-Coronavirus and a post- Coronavirus world of travel. We can see  slogan and writing everywhere with  the before and after statements.
There will be changes but I only hope that we will embrace them.
There will be many changes and the one that would affect me the most: the Travel industry- As you know I worked for an airline for many years- I am still working  in the travel industry ( well I am at home at the moment- no one is flying in or out). And remember I was preparing my Gap year around the world starting in November 2020.

Coronavirus-holiday-travel-Would the crisis impact the airline fares and hotels?

How would the Coronavirus crisis change the travel industry?

The travel industry needs people movement to operate. It is a great employer, the travel industry offers nearly 284 Million jobs around the world.
At the moment that same industry is at an almost complete stop. Parked airplanes on runways, hotels and restaurants are closed. Theme parks and tourist destinations are closed and streets are almost deserted.
Many travel companies will close their doors- I run my Online Travel Agency for five years I know it will be hard for everyone-

Right now everyone in the industry is praying and hoping that they make it through.
It will take a while for the travel industry to get back to pre-Coronavirus level.

How Coronavirus is changing the way we
  • People will travel but less-
    With the crisis as it is, people will travel less and many will plan  ahead- therefore no more last minutes travel
  •  People will travel differently-
    I believe people will still travel but more for a luxury experience-
    Travel will be more out of necessity than a week-end away
  • People will be more conscientious about the effects of travel and the consequences on the planet
  • There will probably be a health check at airport and the obligatory face mask and bring your own food as on fight catering might disappear.
  • Travelers will somehow require an international travel certificate-
  • More people might take a holiday at home ( there are places in England I yet to visit).
Coronavirus at airport- How would you deal with your travel?- How is the Coronavirus changing the way we,

What does all this mean to you? How is Coronavirus changing your travel plans?

As for me I will appreciate the ability to travel. To travel safely and not take it for granted- I only realised  how privilege I am- being able to plan and take a gap year globetrotting around the world.

Above all travel will become a luxury only few could afford.
Anyway for now I am putting my round the world travel on hold and wait for the travel industry to regain its strength.

Are you putting your travel on hold? Where were you travelling to?

Share with us! Until then keep safe

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