Black Boy Can't fly

Black Boy Can’t Fly? by Marcelle Roujade

Author : Marcelle Roujade

Have you ever been told that you cannot achieve something because of your gender, race or background? Black Boy Can’t Fly? is a true account of a young black boy’s quest to live his life-long dream against all odd.

Anthony  is from West London a place where he lives with his family. He rises above the stigma of “The Grove” to soar among the clouds and fulfil the ultimate height of his dream to become a commercial pilot.
Black Boy Can’t Fly? is written and narrated by his number one supporter, his mother.  You’ll discover that once a seed of belief is planted by one with a burning desire to succeed, and with a mother’s love and support consequently one can achieve anything they wish for.

Black Boy Can’t Fly? is  first of all a summary of highs and lows at pilot school. It shows the determination to push himself further than ever before. You’ll discover his strength during his cultural struggles among elitist peers. You will therefore be inspired by his willpower to succeed with his faith in his abilities as well as humanity itself.

Live the dream, fulfil the ambition

Black Boy Can’t Fly? is testament to the fact that we can transform a “No” into a “Yes” and a “Can’t” into “Can” with a powerful dream and a mother’s unconditional love.

Black Boy can’t fly? is therefore a story to encourage young person to dream and consequently to know that it is possible to achieve.
Furthermore the book describes a wonderful relationship, father and son, brother and sister but most of all between a mother and her son. You will be taken to a multi-culture family who tries to fulfil a child’s ambition.

This is the story of a family giving someone a chance to turn a dream into reality.
Why not Live the dream, fulfil the ambition because it turns dream into reality.

Live the dream, fulfil the ambition to be much more.

Black Boy Can’t Fly? by Marcelle Roujade is available on Amazon and published by Conscious Dreams Publishing

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