Hamburg city- What to do in Hamburg? We love Hamburg there is so much to
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Tested and easy things to do carefree in Hamburg

Do you have a place, a city, town or village that you like to go back again again?  As for my husband and I, it’s Hamburg. Why? Because there are lots of things to do in Hamburg and it is also a lovely city. This is our second visit there and we just fell in love with the city. We spent  a couple of days in Hamburg after our cruise from Southampton.
Hamburg is Germany’s largest city and a major world port.
Did you know that the city has more canals than Venice, Amsterdam and London combined?.  We were there in October surprisingly we didn’t see many visitors.

Beautiful setting by the Town Hall-

There were loads of things to keep us busy for our two days visit to Hamburg.  My husband wanted art and culture- I wanted walking and discovering.

Things to do in Hamburg: Art–culture and History

1- Art -Kunsthalle Hamburg (closed on Monday)

After a  brief walk from the main railway station Hamburg Hauptbahnhof  we headed without delay  to the Kunsthall Humburg.  This magnificent building is Germany largest and richest museums. By  no meant one day is enough to see it all. Eventually  we  only had a quick look around as soon as  Husband saw the artist he wanted to see we left.
Did you know the museum is built on the site of the first strong hold of Hamburg?

Kunsthall Humburg is best museum, with amazing arts. It will take you a day to visit.

At the present time there are many exhibitions halls, art spaces and galleries to satisfy every taste. For example there are contemporary  modern, classic and German Romantic Paintings and art . Today to  satisfy my husband’s craving for this love of art  we headed to the DeichtorHallen Gallery.

  There was an exhibition of Georg Baselizt-  Georg Baseliz is modern German artist who takes theme of soldiers, ordinary folks’ live and with his famous device – paint paintings upside down and exhibit them upside down.  Husband really wanted to see. Once we got there to Husband’s delight we noticed that the exhibition was of four artists :Baselizt,  Kiefer, Richter and Polke

Baselitz-Thing to do in Hamburg-
“A vase turned upside down is still a vase a vase in a picture and then turned upside as well, is no vase” Georg Baselitz

As for me I truly enjoyed the painting by Kiefer also a modern artist. He tenses to create landscapes as paintings. He  produced them using  a relief technique. Some of his paintings have a sense of vastness. They put you in.

Kiefer-Hamburg art.-
A tree or a forest is first of all a tree or a forest. But when the understanding is revealed and tells me why it is there or the picture tells me- the tree becomes –vergeheinist- a secret itself.

2-Things to do: Culture in HafenCity-

After the  art we went  classic and walked along the Harbour to the newly built Elbphilhatmonie. As it is the tallest inhabited building it is easy for see from a distance. This Great Concert hall has a capacity of over 2000 hence its immensity. It is free to visit, just have to get a ticket on arrival-can get busy- however  we went in straightaway. After a long climb (using the escalator) we reached the observation desk or “Plaza”. The view is just amazing-
We had coffee and absorbed the view around us.
By the way while in HafenCity check the Kaffee Museum.

Philharmonic Hall Hamburg

3- History

From the observation platform at the Elbphilhatmonie we could see many tall buildings. One of the St Nikolai Memorial or The Church of St Nicholas. It is a beautiful imposing structure, so tall that it dominates the landscape. This memorial is a reminder of the Second World War. It is a quiet place to sit and reflect. There is so much more in term of History in Hamburg and it is in evidence all around the city.

St Nicholas Church

Things to do in Hamburg-

We had a wonderful first day in Hamburg- the city is full of  discovery. Our next day was a  walking day for me.  What is you best thing in Hamburg?

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