The church of Mary- Few people visits the church in Ephesus- we discovered it and took our time to explore

A beautiful day to sticky hot city of Ephesus!

A day in Ephesus! – After a 3h30 minutes flight from London Gatwick Airport we landed in Izmir.
Our villa was  one hour road journey to St John-
Our first night was just magical- being in the garden, under the starry sky, enjoying the last hours of the day.

Day 1 -After a healthy breakfast, I headed out to discover my surroundings.

A day in ephesus- First to: The  Isa Bey Mosque in Izmir,– The Isa Bey Mosque

The Isa Bey Mosque was built by the Aydinids in 1375- It is of a beautiful Seljukian architecture, styled asymmetrically unlike the traditional architectural style.  The Mosque is  close to the Basilica of Saint John.

Secondly to: The Basilica of St John

The-Basilica-of-St-John is a must in Izmir. still a working site but you can go and

St John basilica  is an amazing sight. The Basilica was built in the sixth century. It was built  as a burial place for John. However The Basilica was completely destroyed during an earthquake in the 11 century. Today  a great team of archaeologists are working tirelessly to salvage as much as possible from the rubble and  to rebuild the basilica. John came to Ephesus with Jesus’ mother between 37 and 48 AD. He started to preach the gospel after 67 AD.
When I saw a place where John lived, worked and is buried I became quite emotional.

St John's burial place

The Ayusuluk Castle

The place where-John-wrote-the-Bible in The Ayusuluk Castle

Then I walked up to the Ayusuluk Castle. The Castle was also  build in the 6th Century in the Byzantium period.
The most impressive part was to see the place where John, the youngest apostle apparently prayed and wrote the part of the New Testament  and the Book of Revelation.
The Basilica is still a working site but is it well worth a visit.

Thirdly Ephesus-

The streets in Ephesus- so much to see there.
                                               An empty Curetes Street

I am not one to go down on emotional road but visiting the city of Ephesus was for me a passionate and  profound visit.  Ephesus was an important place for Christianity.  I was walking where the apostles walked,  lived and preached. It  was very sentimental. Every step, every stone, every ruin, every column had a story to tell.  For me the most impressive place was the amphitheaters. To see the immensity of the place, the architecture and the sound  was just mind blowing.

A day in Ephesus with Paul
The Grande Theatre- Image being there- Image the people around in that time in
The Great Theatre of Ephesus

Somehow I  tried to imagine a life or one’s life in Ephesus. But how could I? I imagined Paul standing and preaching. With words reasoning in my head, where did he stand I wonder? On the day of our visit city of Ephesus was a not very busy- did he have a crowd around him?
Apparently Paul wrote  1 Corinthian in Ephesus between 53 and 57 AD.
Where did he do his writing? At home or the market place? I tried to imagine the surroundings what would looked like in 54 AD!

the-Celsius-Library in Ephesus is a must. It is a beautiful building-
Celsus Library one of the most beautiful structures in Ephesus-

The church of Mary.

The church of Mary- Few people visits the church in Ephesus- we discovered it and took our time to explore
The Baptismal Pool at the Church of Mary

So did you know there is a beautiful church build for Mary, Jesus’s mother. People often go to Mary’s house. It is  said that she spent her last days a small house there. Somehow we missed the house. As we walked away from the amphitheater we then stumbled upon  a magnificent church: The Church of Mary.

Ending a day in Ephesus-Askerin Yeri Piknik Restaurant near the Grotto Of The Seven Sleepers

Askerin Yeri Piknik Restaurant for pancakes

So after this great visit,  we walked to the  Askerin Yeri Piknik Restaurant . A super local restaurant where we dined on Turkish pancakes and Efes beers.

what to do when it's raining on holiday

In conclusion, our first full day and our visit of the famed ancient ruins of Ephesus in Turkey was memorable. Is this a place you would visit?

Ephesus-a day out-A day in Ephesus-Visiting Ephesus in Turkey was a wonderful

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