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7 steps to achieve your Goals.

Achieving  goals is a challenge! At the beginning of every year many of us take time to pause, to reflect and make new resolutions.  I made a decision  years ago to have goals instead of having long list of resolutions. In January I review my old goals and create new ones. I just love a fresh start.  I create a new ‘Vision board’ nothing fancy, just a board with all my ideas, with pictures of what I want to happen, speech bubbles and lots of words of affirmation.
 Those are my 7 steps to achieve your goals.

We should look back with a sense of gratefulness at what God has done for us.

  • Review old goals. It is important to get rid of the old goals- the ones that always come back year after year- Sometime we want to hold on to them. May be they were too unrealistic to start with.
  • Set a realistic number Goals. When I first started setting up my goals I put down about 15 in total. I was already overwhelmed by the end of February.  Didn’t know how or where to start from. So now I set a maximum of 5 goals.
  • Explain your Goals plainly. Explain what you want to achieve. It important to have a plan and understand what it will take to achieve that goal.

7 steps to achieve your goals-elderschat.comActions for achieving your goals:

  • Action plan. Need a monthly/weekly/daily plan even if it is a small action, it’s good. It is important to do so- This will keep on focus, encourage and reduce stress.
  • Make your goals known. When you tell people about your goals- You become accountable- This is challenging but much rewarded as it definitely keep you on track. Talking about your goals make them real.
  • Set goals short terms goals. It is very easy to lose heart, so set your goals for just one year. Life get busy and time goes very quickly-  In many ways short terms goals are more manageable and can easily be reviewed.
  • Review and alter your goals. Goals are not set on stone- Review them, move them round on a quarterly basis. Many times I have altered my goals; I have simplified again and again without watering them down.
7 Ways to achieve your dream goal-elderschat.comWhat I do to achieve my goals

Many times did I set goals and didn’t achieve them.  As a result  I now set simple goals  with detailed plans on how to achieve them. I also try to have fun while working toward my goals.

For instance doing this simple tasks helps:

  • Always start the morning with a 5 minutes meditation- this helps me to clear my mind and focus on the day ahead
  • Next write your daily tasks. This helps to  focus on not only the tasks but it also serves as a reminder:  the big picture.

Above all my goals for the New Year are:

1- To read the bible in one year
2- To finish saving for my gap year
3- Plan my Golden Gap year.

Achieving your goals is easy therefore keep it simple and be patient. Look forward prayerfully.

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