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10 effective tips to save for my wonderful travel

How to save for my gap year? Here are my 10 tips for saving for my gap year.

I want to travel the world so I need to save. I still have one year to before my departure date. So how I am going to proceed?

How to save for an adult Gap Year-elderschat.comMost of the sites that I looked at state than an average of £1000 a month.

1-Do a true budget : I am doing this travel on my own. So both myself and my husband agreed on a realistic budget for me and him at home. This formula works for me as apart from the usual bills my husband and I have no other expenses. He is retired and I am still working. Still need enough to travel, run the household and have a contingency  for when I come back.

2- Put Aside a Set Amount Each Month- we both agreed on a specific amount that I should save each month.

 3-Open a dedicated Saving Account ( done)

4-Set up direct debit or standing order- have to be discipline and not touch it.

Saving for my Gap Year find a Jar.

Adult Gap Year 2020-There is lots to see and lots to organise- How to prepare for my adult Gap year-elderschat.com5-Find a Jar- we have a couple of big Whiskey bottle with a wide neck- I have been putting all my 5p/2p/1p in there. Every little bit adds up.

6– Don’t be shine let family and friends know what you are planning and for birthday present ask for travel voucher or travel gift

Assess what is really important  for saving for my Gap Year

7– Sell things- Car boot sales- that might not be you but selling things should bring you some cash. There are all the clothes that been lying in the closet for such a long time. Now is the time!

8-Spending Habits. Two things I love: coffee and wine.
I check how much is a coffee in average in London and how much I can do with that money in Asia. I love a good class of wine when out! Do I need to pay £7-£8 for a class of wine- One coffee- one class of wine a week =£10.

Check out spending habit.

9– Assess what is really important. You don’t have to deprive yourself but just thing of the end result.  If I want to travel I have to think about tips to save for my gap year.

10- Get committed- remember why you are saving up- Commit yourself to goals-

Ok, so you figured out how to save to travel- now hope you figure out the reasons why, the purpose of travel.

Now we ready to relax and things about our purpose. By using those 10 tips for saving for my gap year, I hope I can inspire you to do the same. At the end all we want is enough funding for our great adventure.


Are you thinking about an adult gap year not sure where to start. Check my itinerary for ideas.

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