The Open Seminar with Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, gave an honest talk to an avid audience at the China Exchange.

sarah-fergusonWhy are people so affectionate towards you –
For me at 56, to be able to sit here in front of a crowd and talk I believe you should have a true heart of pure joy. Also, I take humour very seriously. I enjoy having fun with my friends with a glass of wine. But, still, I think humour is best.

Sarah Ferguson has founded and still works with many charities

You are involved in several charities, how do you get time for yourself –
I feel it is my duty to work with charity. It is important to meet people that need help. To take a moment to smile. It makes my soul feel good, and I like to do it.

At time of extreme stress, did you feel suicidal –
There are moments when I wanted to isolate myself and stayed in my room. But, however, these experiences have made me stronger.

You are a private pilot what advice would you give to others –
You have to go with passion and heart, for me, maths became an issue, but, I overcame this through the dedication of my heart.

How do you maintain a good friendship during divorce –
You have to communicate with compassion and respect and also  being able to give people their personal space.

Tell us : What is the best part of you?
I am happy to be able to talk from the heart, as I see everything in a way of a child. I have a great sense of humour.

How can you speak from the heart and still be diplomatic –
I do this by being free to make loads of mistakes, and this way I am able to learn.

What is the most important thing for you at this moment –
To understand how lucky we are now at this moment.

If you went into the political arena what would be your portfolio-
It would be Human Rights, however, politic would be doubtful.

Who do you admire most –
Prince Albert. As he promoted universal education, family values, music and his legacy is  around us.

When Sarah Ferguson was asked  the following question : What do you  think you would be doing today if you were not the Duchess of York –
She said : I have always wanted to be a writer. I would definitely write children books.

The Duchess is also a bestselling author;  she has published over 40 books.  She is also a  reporter and presenter and recently a produced ‘The Young  Victoria’ a period romance based on Queen Victoria
She is also a keen skier.

Picture courtesy of : Gener8te

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