Never Saw You Coming by KLS Fuerte

Never Saw You Coming by KLS Fuerte

Never Saw You ComingNever Saw You Coming is a very intriguing love affair. Beatrice, travels  from the sunny shore of Martinique a French Caribbean Island to cold but invigorating rural Hampshire.  She is the new French girl in town. When she met Edward it was love at first sight but what do you do when the man you love is no longer the man you once loved? What do you do when the picture perfect family is far from perfect?
Never Saw You Coming is the first of a trilogy in which KLS Fuerte touches on love, romance, trust, lies, death and illusion of happiness in marriage.

KLS FUERTEBeatrice is naive and in love.  All things considered, how far would she go to save her marriage? Would Edward keep his promises?
KLS Fuerte takes the characters and the readers on a journey with surprising twists and turns.

Would Beatrice resign herself and realise that  she is just living in  lost illusions?

I am looking forward to finding out!! Looking forward to the next sequence.


Book launch “Never Saw You Coming” by KLS Fuerte
Hosted BY
Gida London


 Date:     Saturday 07 OCT
Address  55 Loughborough Road
London, United Kingdom Sw9 7TB

Never Saw You Coming.Designed by Aki Takano

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