Few days after my 50th birthday,  all kind of leaflets came through the letter box.
I was 50 and everyone  knew about it.

Why is this I thought? In the first place,  life over 50 is this long journey  associated with so many activities and  it can be said three aspects.

1-Life over 50: True Reflection

It is a point where  we observed true reflection. To see how we have managed as  an individual. We think about the height of success attained, from the academic, business, political to every aspect of social endeavour.

2- Life over 50 : Knowledge and Experience

Passing on the knowledge and experience is to consolidate on sustained progress made years upon years of careful achievement.  We must have understood the true leadership position and the need to pass on years of  knowledge and experience . It is also a way for us to teach and train others.  Wisdom is the decisive factor here, of course,  to understand that at 50, we will not allow any deliberate excuse to pull us down.

3-Life over 50 :Social Recognition

Social recognition is important in every aspect of life. The simple fact is,  we must have been tested all round before arriving at this destination called the Golden Era of life.

And also another aspect can be :  Insurance and Assurance

Life over 50 is so decisive and blatantly exposed  us to all to view and access. We become  the target  of all kind of advertising.  We are offered: peace of mind, new life plans,  new skills, and how to find a balance of purpose and meaning.  Not necessarily for ourselves but for our loved ones. As the natural law of diminishing returns and will start to work against every individual. Subsequently , we, the over 50’s are worth a fortune to them.

Life over 50

In   conclusion,  I do believe that  life over 50 is  A Symbol  of Gold.
Over 50 is the climax of all that we can actually strive to achieve in life.
It is, therefore, understandable  that many are celebrated more in their Golden age of fifty, than any other years of their life.

Share with us your beliefs.  What do you think,  is life over 50 A Symbol of Gold?



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