London in November


Christmas-light-Chiswick House-elderschat.comThere is so much to do in London in November. I love this time of the year. Don’t you. The days are short, nights are long. The air is cold and crispy. The trees are shedding their leaves and really all we want to do is to snuggle with a good book and a cuppa of tea.
Anyway, come on, put on you woolly hat,  gloves,  wrap up warm and let’s get out. Continue reading

How to see London in A Day

How to see London in A Day?

Is it really possible to see London in  a day? I love living in London- I have been in that beautiful city for a long time- When my niece came from France to visit and kindly asked: how I can see London in a day? it made me wonder- London in a day? Is it possible? So this is what we did- Hope you will be inspired by our adventure-

1- Start the day with  a hefty home cooked English breakfast-

Afterwards we walked to Notting Hill Gate and took pictures of the The Churchill Pub the one with all the flowers- Next to the 52 bus stop direction Victoria. Why not  seeing Harrods? The food display is absolutely wonderful- then back on the Bus 74 direction Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guards– During Summer the changing of the guard is on regularly at 11 Am – Monday, wed, Fri and Sunday and daily during summer. we aimed to be there at 10:30 Am to soak the ambiance. As the bus was going to Marble Arch we got off at Hyde Park and walked past Wellingtons Arch and on the path of Green Park with a myriad of people heading in the same direction. Continue reading

I love flying and I loved the destination! Getting on a plane, the destination never fails

I love flying and I love the destination!

It wasn’t easy getting on that flight.

I loved flying and I loved the destination! But having to spend 4 weeks with a man I no longer wanted to pursue my happy life dream with, was seriously dampening the situation. Torn apart by the decisions and all the possible implications.
So in doubt I looked at how my decisions would affect others.  And so for the sake of my children I began to pack and headed to the airport with them and their dad. Still not totally convinced I’d be able to board the plane.
This was a junction in our lives. I had changed and my children’s lives were about to change forever.

I loved flying and I loved the destination! Let’s pack!

I loved flying and I loved the destination!

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The church of Mary- Few people visits the church in Ephesus- we discovered it and took our time to explore

A day in Ephesus!

A day in Ephesus! – After a 3h30 minutes flight from London Gatwick Airport we landed in Izmir.
Our villa was  one hour road journey to St John-
Our first night was just magical- being in the garden, under the starry sky, enjoying the last hours of the day.

Day 1 -After a healthy breakfast, I headed out to discover my surroundings.

A day in ephesus- First to: The  Isa Bey Mosque in Izmir,– The Isa Bey Mosque

The Isa Bey Mosque was built by the Aydinids in 1375- It is of a beautiful Seljukian architecture, styled asymmetrically unlike the traditional architectural style.  The Mosque is  close to the Basilica of Saint John. Continue reading

How to overcome the fear of flying. I want to go on holiday but I have a fear of flying

Overcoming my Fear of Flying!

Overcoming my fear of flying was a challenge. My fear of flying  started on a trip back from Ghana in Africa.  I had a window seat. As we climbed up, I looked out  at the disappearing ground. Then I noticed that my foundation was getting further and further away from me.
There were no clouds in the sky.  I continued watching our ascent then curiosity turned to horror. I realised that in case of an emergency the chances of ‘walking away’ was disappearing with the ground, coupled with a feeling of claustrophobia from being strapped into my seat. Worse of all  the realisation of having no control over the engines  or indeed – the pilots. This was enough to trigger a fear of flying! Continue reading

Visiting Buckingham Palace is on all must do thing in London. best London attraction

EXPLORE LONDON IN 7 DAYS: How to plan a week-long vacation in London

You are lucky for getting a full week to spend in London. The great City of London has so many tourist attractions that you need to plan properly all the vacation days.  Unless you make a proper London 7 days itinerary there are high chances to miss some of the important city attractions. Undoubtedly, London has some of the best cultural attraction in the world, and it’s a good chance to explore the majority of them in 7 days. If you are thinking about how to plan a week-long vacation in London, stick to this London Itinerary.

So Let’s begin…

Visiting Portobello Market in Notting Hill Gate is a must- beautiful market with loads of places to see arts, antiques, and great food-elderschat.comAll the must-see of London-elderschat.comNotting Hill Gate-eldeschat.comLondon changing of the Guard.

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Explore London in 4 days- What to do and see. Relax in one of the Royal Gardens, visit the Royal Palaces

Explore London in 4 Days: What to see and do?

Are you looking for a 4 Days London Itinerary? The great City of London has so many tourist attractions that you might be wondering about how to explore London in 4 Days. The city boasts for having some of the best cultural attraction in the world that attracts over 30 million annual visitors. Over here is a London itinerary that lists all major attractions you can see.


Let us explore London in 4 days and find what this great city can offer. Continue reading