My name is Marcelle , I am the Founder of  My passions are aviation and travel. I am also a self-enthusiastic writer and now an elder. I write about my passions and how to help young people interested in aviation.  Also, a few months ago, I discovered photography. Subsequently, new way to connect and to meet people.


How about becoming an Elder?
Recently I celebrated a milestone: my 50th birthday.

The most interesting thing about my birthday, was the amount of leaflets that flooded my letter box. First of all I wondered what could possibly shine glamour over me other than greetings and blessings, second, how did they know?

Therefore, in this modern era, was born. It is a place where you can find weekly columns on relationships, health, travel, lifestyle and elder chat. It is a place for people to connect and share experiences.
If you are an elder, come and join me for some elders chit chat. Above all let’s share our experience and much more!!