Manokwari West Papua a journey of a life time

Rendani Airport in ManokwariFrom time to time we are presented with special moment.  My trip to West Papua in Indonesia was one of those moments. After some four  hours flight  we landed at Rendani Airport in Manokwari the capital
of West Papua, at the western end of New Guina. I was privileged to visit West Papua one of the world’s few remaining unspoiled places.  It was a place where time stood still. Continue reading


My Best 10 Travel Tips for Christmas Holiday

Christmas time is among the busiest time of the year at airports all over the world.
Here are my tips to help you preparing for an enjoyable Christmas travel experience

1. Everything has an expiry date

So does your passport. You need 6 months before expiry date from the date of travel. Make sure that you have proper travel documentation for everyone  to travel to destination, including children and infants. Continue reading