I love flying and I loved the destination! Getting on a plane, the destination never fails me-elderschat.com

I love flying and I love the destination!

It wasn’t easy getting on that flight.

I loved flying and I loved the destination! But having to spend 4 weeks with a man I no longer wanted to pursue my happy life dream with, was seriously dampening the situation. Torn apart by the decisions and all the possible implications.
So in doubt I looked at how my decisions would affect others.  And so for the sake of my children I began to pack and headed to the airport with them and their dad. Still not totally convinced I’d be able to board the plane.
This was a junction in our lives. I had changed and my children’s lives were about to change forever.

I loved flying and I loved the destination! Let’s pack!

I loved flying and I loved the destination!

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How to overcome the fear of flying. I want to go on holiday but I have a fear of flying

Overcoming my Fear of Flying!

Overcoming my fear of flying was a challenge. My fear of flying  started on a trip back from Ghana in Africa.  I had a window seat. As we climbed up, I looked out  at the disappearing ground. Then I noticed that my foundation was getting further and further away from me.
There were no clouds in the sky.  I continued watching our ascent then curiosity turned to horror. I realised that in case of an emergency the chances of ‘walking away’ was disappearing with the ground, coupled with a feeling of claustrophobia from being strapped into my seat. Worse of all  the realisation of having no control over the engines  or indeed – the pilots. This was enough to trigger a fear of flying! Continue reading




As we grow older hence wiser we slowly realized that the materiel things are not really that important. Our friendship is.
We want to treasure our old friends . Recently I have a desire to reconnect with some forgotten friends. Life has been busy with children, work, mortgage and building up new friendship.
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Life has not been too bad! Really

Life has not been too bad-My EXPERIMENT.

I recently found an experiment on the quote: life has not been too bad! So far. I decided to try myself.
– take the year of your first birthday and subtract your age now. I found myself in 1909. I was face to face with my 21 year old grandmother. She was married with two children. Her husband was a farmer and she was a maid in one of the big house in the village. So life has not been too bad! Really. Continue reading

Letter to my children

Letter to my childrenA letter to my children to say first of all  that I love you.

I saw you grow to become tremendous young adults. We have taught you to be kind, considerate of others and mindful of life. We also taught you to  respect, to understand and to be attentive to nature.
As youngsters you have travelled the world and consequently discovered its beauty through the kindness of the people you met along your journey. Continue reading