Never Saw You Coming by KLS Fuerte

Never Saw You Coming by KLS Fuerte

Never Saw You ComingNever Saw You Coming is a very intriguing love affair. Beatrice, travels  from the sunny shore of Martinique a French Caribbean Island to cold but invigorating rural Hampshire.  She is the new French girl in town. Somehow when she met Edward it was love at first sight however what do you do when the man you love is no longer the man you once loved? What do you do when the picture perfect family is far from perfect?
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Swimming with Fishes

Title: Swimming with fishes
Author :Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm

Swimming with fishesSwimming with fishes is an amazing love story.  It takes us to in the foreground of Jamaica where the characters come alive. It seems that  each one provides a different aspect of love, respect, strength and determination. Rasheda  beautifully described  life as it is  on the off beaten tracks of Jamaica. However I believe this as can be seen throughout the Caribbean.
I recognised many of the characters.  It seems like everywhere you go,  there is a Mother Cynthy with all the wisdom in the world, a Nellie Potato who minds everyone’ business except her own, an old rum-head man who everyone thinks drinks more rum than water and not to mention friends that are honest, supportive and non-judgemental. But most of all a mother with her faith and belief being the basis of everything.

The dream: Swimming with fishes.

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Black Boy Can’t Fly?

Black Boys Can’t Fly?

Have you ever been told you cannot achieve something because of your gender, race or background? Black Boy Can’t Fly? is a true account of a young black boy’s quest to live his life-long dream against all odd.

Anthony  is from West London a place where he lives with his family. He rises above the stigma of “The Grove” to soar among the clouds and fulfil the ultimate height of his dream to become a pilot.
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